Do your genes determine the type of diet that can help you lose more weight?

A recent study seems to indicate as much.

Inherent Health is a company that offers genetic tests from Interleukin Genetics to gain insight into heart, general nutrition, bone health, and weight management. Their weight management test can help identify the preferred type of diet for you based on a simple swab of your cheek that you send in for testing. Based on the results, you'll be identified as either a Carb Reducer, Fat Trimmer, or Better Balancer. Based on test results, people who followed a diet based on their genotype lost 2.5 times more weight!

All Inherent Health genetic tests can be sold through Amway Global Independent Business Owners. Our A New Way to a New You participants are piloting diets based on their Inherent Health weight management test results that incorporate NUTRILITE® supplements, snack and meal bars. The diets follow the exact recommendations in terms of macronutrients - carbohydrates, protein, and fat - with a reduction in calories and a focus on lots of fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Try it for yourself! Take the test, then use the recipes and meal plans that correspond to your results:

If you want to get started right away, you can order the NUTRILITE Trim Body System. The recipes and meal plans follow the same format and you can get used to eating healthier while you wait for your test results. Then, simply switch the meal plan to your identified results!

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julianne downes said...

These New Way New You participants are seeing the results of using a genetic test to determine their diet genotype and using a food exchange system & exercise program to match that DNA!

No more guessing, this program matches your genes and fits you down to your DNA.

Look forward to the final results of the NWNY 2010 12 week journey soon...

Julianne Downes, RD
NWNY Nutritionist
Certified Weight Management Trainer