A new Carmen!

In 12 weeks, Carmen Rodriguez lost 20 pounds on the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program.

"In only 12 weeks, there's a new Carmen. I'm more confident. Not only have I lost the pounds and inches, but I've gained confidence, a more positive outlook, hope that there's an even brighter, healthier future, and not only will I live a better life, but I'll live an optimal life."

"What I've learned and the hope for now is that life can be even greater and even tastier in so many ways. I'm very excited to start sharing it with family, business partners, and with friends to make an impact in a postive way."

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Matt's got a new spring in his step

In 12 weeks, Matt Cunningham lost 37 pounds and over 11% body fat on the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program.

"I feel way better in every aspect. My confidence level is up in not just my health, but my job and my business and my marriage and playing with my kids - it just feels better. From attitude to my self image to the way that I feel putting on my clothes to the way that I feel getting up. I'm less tired during the day. I'm more focused during the day. I'm more productive. I have a better attitude when I'm walking around the house. I'm getting to enjoy just playing with my kids and just being able to go out there and do the things I need to do without feeling dragged down by my weight."

"There's no doubt that I'll be able to keep up this weight loss because in the past when I've lost any weight or I've gained any muscle, it's all out extreme commitment. Putting in tons of hours of exercise or putting in some kind of a radical diet and this has been something where it's just little changes here or there. I haven't given up anything to do this, I've only gained, and so it's easy to just take that lifestyle change and continue it. It's not something that I've had to add to my life. It's somethign that I've just made the changes that I needed to make in order for me to be better."

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Marshall found lasting lifestyle habits

In 12 weeks, Marshall Johnson lost 20 pounds using the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program.

"I came into the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program looking for a lifestyle change, a lifestyle change in the way that I prepared meals and the way that I would eat. A lifestyle change in the way of exercising and also a lifestyle change in the way of just attitude and being able to change those habits. It's a way of life now."

"Moving forward, I know that everything that I'm doing now that I've learned over the 12 weeks is not time intensive, but very effective. So I can carry that on."

See how this former professional football player reclaimed his health and athletic abilities.

Exercise is fun family time for Liz

In 12 weeks, Liz Morales lost 20 pounds using the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program.

"The NUTRILITE Weight Management Program has helped me in so many ways. Even just bending down to help my daughter. There's so much less stress on my body."

"As I've gone through the program and had my daughter Nyomi home with me, she'll exercise with me. She has her little bands and she has her little three-pound weights. It's so cute to see her and she'll flip through the book and find the exercises she wants to do and she'll do her little exercises and it totally blesses my heart because it's creating confidence in her. I am setting examples in her life that are going to change her life and make her life so much easier. She'll have other challenges in her life, but weight management will not be a challenge for her."

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Lisa found success with a comprehensive approach to weight loss

In 12 weeks, Lisa Land lost 22 pounds and 12% body fat.

"I have found more personal confidence. I'm standing taller now and I feel better in the clothes that I wear. My energy is high all the time. Movement is easier. The NUTRILITE Weight Management Program isn't the first time that I've tried to lose weight, but to me, my success came because of the comprehensiveness of the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program."

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New energy for Holly

After 12 weeks, Holly Shick lost 17 pounds and dropped 10% body fat.

"Before I started the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program, I was tired, just constantly tired, and I would walk up a flight of stairs and I would get to the top of the stairs and I would be exhausted. I was living life waiting to see when I could sleep next."

"For me, the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program represents a lifestyle change. I think a lot of times people are so driven to lose the weight that they're willing to take drastic measures and what happens is, you can't keep that up for the rest of your life. This program is something I can do for the rest of my life."

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Dorothy lost 20 pounds!

Dorothy Clauson took 12 weeks to focus on her health and lost 20 pounds and 28 inches.

"Through the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program, I've been able to make the changes that I couldn't before. What I've learned is very important to me because it is a total lifestyle change. I don't call it a diet. Diets to me are a quick fix, but only a temporary fix, and then it leads you in the wrong direction. The focus has been on optimal health - to be strong, to be healthy. I've got control in my life and this is what the NUTRILITE Weight Management Program did for me."

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